Green transport solution (abbreviated: Solution) aims to provide cargo transport services on river and sea using UAVs including three components: i) Transport infrastructure for UAVs; ii) Cargo UAVs; iii) OpenAir platform on transport and logistics services.

Unmanned Air Vehicles

UAVs are produced by various manufacturers with different designs. Suitable for different types of goods and packaging styles.


Floating Terminal

Including floating ports, river ports and seaports with integration of vertiports for UAVs control centers.


OpenAir platform

It’s cloud-based SaaS services and AI-based applications platform that powers the technology behind OpenAir’s integrated smart transport and logistics system. OpenAir platform offers mobile applications for businesses, consumers, franchisee partners, transportation providers on multimodal cargo and passenger transportation.


Benefits to industrial manufacturers

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Fast and precisive shipping

With digitalization, automation and smart integration features between infrastructure and vehicles, the Solution helps the transport chain be fast and highly accurate.

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Reduce logistics costs

Thanks to the Solution, multiple shippers can use the same physical infrastructure network in one geographic area. This higher route density coupled with the ability to move quickly and accurately brings cost efficiency to businesses.

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One focal point, seamless shipping

The Solution's ability to integrate and transport seamlessly between different types of means of transport and different infrastructure helps shippers transport goods seamlessly, according to their requirements.

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Green transportation

The solution helps shippers fulfill their responsibility to contribute to the environment while reducing environmental tax costs.

Benefits to transport operators

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Digital platform for shippers

All-in-one solution for planning and executing shipments. Provides emissions reports and actionable insights to guide electrification.

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Connected electric vehicles

Vehicles produced by various OEMs, covering a range of form factors. Suitable for palletized goods or full truckloads.

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Autonomous electric vehicles

Autonomous driving with a human remote operator in the loop.

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Charging infrastructure

Complete offering of hardware, software and installation. Dedicated charging experts, services and infrastructure support.

Solution Suppliers

This is a pool of manufacturers of clean energy vehicles; firms that design, build and operate green transport-logistics infrastructure ; transport and logistics service providers using clean energy vehicles; firms providing software and digital applications for transport and logistics who cooperate together to bring green transport solutions to Southeast Asia.

Order Process

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Meet our solution developers

  • Our solution developers will analyze your transportation needs.
  • Using digital tools, they will identify the most suitable solution.
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Receive a solution service proposal

  • Receive a green transportation service solution proposal of OpenAir Indonesia through its local agent that details your journey to digitizing, electrifying and automating your freight, showing how you can lower costs, improve efficiency and curb CO2e emissciency and curb CO2e emissions.
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Choose a service solution package

  • We provide a longer-term roadmap so you can see how shipping with a selected solution can transform your business operations over time.
  • Customers sign a contract to use solution services with our local agent.
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Set up and execute shipping orders

  • Our solution developers will set up a solution service package for your business.
  • You can then use the solution to order shipping, oversee all movements, and make real-time adjustments.