Commercial delivery vehicle leasing is a modern solution to traditionally slow, cumbersome procurement processes

Simple Procurement Process

Vehicle technology is moving too fast for traditional procurement methods to be effective, and with our commercial vehicle leasing, you're able to get the equipment you need fast.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With your commercial vehicle leasing program, you're able to turn your equipment in at the end of the term for a brand new kit, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your fleet is always missing-ready.

Turnkey Drone Program

Part of every successful vehicle program is fleet management, and our commercial vehicle lease program includes our fleet service.

No Banks Involved

This isn't consumer financing you see on most businesses; this is a complete vehicle leasing solution built, managed, and funded entirely in-house.

Flexible Payment Options

Because we manage and fund our lease in-house, we're able to accept nearly any payment method imaginable, and the terms are completely customizable.

Industry-Leading support

Included with all of our leases is our top-tier support service providing you with 24x7x365 access to our technical and operational support specialists.


  • Be financed up to 100% of asset’s value;
  • No need collateral as normal loan;
  • Effective utilization and diversification of funds;
  • Secure credit limits from banks;
  • Flexible lease term;
  • Flexible repayment schedule;
  • Attractive lease interest;
  • Rationalization of administrative work;
  • Secure credit limits from banks;
  • Comprehensive finance solution;

Lease Term

Depending on the useful life of the asset and the financial condition of the lessee. Usually from 3 to 10 years.

Lease interest

Competitive by either floating or fixed rate depending on the agreement between customer and OpenAir Indonesia.



Finance lease application dossier

Legal papers

  • Enterprise Registration Certificate
  • Company Charter
  • Meeting minutes and resolution on appointing management positions of the company

Financial papers

Financial statements of the latest 02 years (showing statements of 03 years), the last quarter, and Notes to financial statements (not compulsory for newly established enterprises)

Investment plan documents

  • Meeting minutes and resolution/decision on the selection of finance lease and supplier.
  • Business plan for the financial leased asset.
  • Asset purchase memorandum with the supplier or the quotation from the supplier.