OpenAir is a smart integrated transport-logistics system with clean-fuel vehicles to deliver cargo and passenger transport with the mission - to solve the global climate through decarbonization in the transport-logistic industry. This system leverages transport-logistic science, advanced delivery vehicles and consumer commercial facilities to help businesses and consumers to enjoy a safer, faster and cheaper delivery of goods and move of people.

The OpenAir business in Indonesia is run by the OpenAir Indonesia company.


Our mission at OpenAir Indonesia is dedicated to building a green, digital and sustainable transport-logistics service system in Indonesia to become carbon neutral in 2050, and one day, carbon negative.

Exciting challenges lie ahead—new locations, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our four core values, we’ll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our community. Join us.


Embrace the community

We’re driven by an unlimited desire to make life better. This is the background to all of our business and activity.

Commit with technology

We’re highly committed to creating tech-based solutions that power the OpenAir sustainable system.


We’re determined in turning our mission into reality.

Be kind

We’re caring, open and encouraging to everyone we work with and the community we work for



OpenHubs including vertiports, car stations with charging points and smart lockers are shared to use by different service operators and customers.
In each country, delivery fleets of robots, drones and autonomous trucks are used in sharing mode to both transport operators and customers.
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Environmental and economic benefits go together. Business benefits could be revenue or profit sharing agreed on a case by case among parties involved.
Delivery vehicles and OpenHubs are co-invested by different individuals and organizations in different options like crowdfunding, direct investment, etc.

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